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A Sizzling Summer by The Bay - Part Thirteen

A Sizzling Summer by The Bay - Part Thirteen

July 2016 – San Francisco, California


Estelle had to scramble to get to work. She was nearly late when she punched in and tried to get herself settled in at her desk.

Her boss, Quinn, approached her desk, “Hey, I need you to take a look at—” Quinn had been looking at a file in her hands, but stopped short when she looked up. “You, okay?”

Estelle widened her eyes and blinked hard a few times. “Yes, I’m fine. Got in late last night from Monterey after spending the weekend with my family.”

“You’re from Monterey?”

“Lived there most of my life.”

“Never been.”

Estelle’s eyes widened. “Seriously? No, offense, but it’s one of the most gorgeous places in California. How can you have never gone?”

Quinn shrugged, “Busy. Not much time for vacation.”

“All work and no play makes for a very dull gal.” Estelle teased. She suddenly realized that sounded flirtatious. She hadn’t meant it to, but she was tired – wasn’t thinking.

Quinn quirked an eyebrow as if trying to calculate if Estelle was doing just that.

“So, what was it you needed,” Estelle asked quickly to divert.

Quinn handed Estelle a folder, “Can you look over these numbers. I need a second pair of eyes.”

“Sure thing. When did you need it by?”

“End of the day.”

“You got it,” Estelle said.

“Thanks. Appreciate it.”

“I know,” Estelle said.

Quinn cracked a smile as she walked off.

Estelle almost face-palmed.

Ugh, all play and no sleep, apparently makes for a very promiscuous Estelle.

The morning buzzed by in a rush. She didn’t get much time to chit-chat with Iona. There was a lot of work to catch up on after a three-day weekend.

When lunch rolled around, they were all too happy to clock out and head down to Nick’s together.

“How was your weekend,” Iona asked?

Estelle sighed heavily, and before she replied, Iona responded, “That bad, eh?”

“No, not really. It was—I came out to my family,” Estelle blurted out.

“Oh? How’d they take it?

“Eh, could have been worse, but also could have been better,” Estelle cracked a wry smile.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, to be honest, I don’t know.”

Over lunch, Estelle recapped the events of her weekend. Iona listened patiently, letting her vent.

“Wow, my weekend wasn’t nearly so eventful. I visited my grandmother and lounged around the pool at my mentor Renata’s house. Met her new girlfriend. Considering I don’t have a lot of friends left, thanks to Symon’s drama, it was nice just to have a quiet weekend, ya know?”

“Yeah, I get it,” Estelle said. “I’m glad I didn’t bother you. I almost texted you right after I told my mother.”

“Oh, hon, you should have totally called me. We’re friends, ya know.”

Estelle smiled. “I didn’t want to come off as needy.”

Iona nodded, understanding. “Sorry about your mom, though. That’s rough. I didn’t know your family didn’t know. So, they’re pretty religious?”

“Yes and no. Jamar’s a liberal Christian, which I had no idea, could even be a thing, until I talked to him this weekend. Mom, on the other hand…” Her voice trailed off.

“I see.” Iona nodded with understanding.

There was a beat of quiet between them as they finished up lunch and started back up to the office.

“Would it be crossing a boundary if I straight up asked to come over tonight,” Estelle blurted out.

Iona’s smiled widened. “Nope, not at all. After the weekend you just had, I was going to offer.”

Estelle let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you. I’d really love to do Scene.”

“Same here. Meet me at my house?”

“Sounds awesome. Thanks.”


On the drive to Iona’s house, Estelle pondered how smooth the ‘friends-with-benefits’ arrangement was working out between the two of them. She was worried at first that they would develop romantic feelings for each other, but strangely, she’d been able to keep it casual. It wasn’t that difficult to compartmentalize. She marveled at her ability to maintain this attitude. Yet, at the same time, she was not surprised at herself.

She’d long adapted a personal philosophy that society, in general, put a huge stigma on sex. A non-spoken, yet, mandated rule that sex had to accompany a deep emotional connection of romantic love for it to be noteworthy. Her theory had always been contrary to that popular belief. Now she was more convinced than ever that her theory was a fact.

She loved having sex and doing Scene with Iona, and even more so, she relished that it could genuinely be a casual non-romantic relationship. That falling in love with Iona was unlikely. She was confident that if deeper feelings were going to develop, they would have begun to unfold already.

After their exchange at lunch, she felt sure that Iona’s feelings paralleled her own. This was a relief not having to worry that Iona would proposition her in the near future to ‘take it to the next level.’

She pulled her car into the garage and a visitor parking spot. Iona had given her the gate code by now. She made her way up to the apartment.

She knocked, and Iona flung the door open rather quickly.

Estelle grinned when Iona flashed that wicked ‘I’m-so-fucking-horny’ smile.

“Wow, it’s like you were waiting at the door?” Estelle teased.

“Actually, I’d just gotten in and hadn’t taken even ten steps away from the door when you buzzed.”

“I see.”

They decided to do pizza for dinner. Over dinner, Estelle pondered her previous Scenes with Iona in the past few weeks. Up until then, it had only been fun and games, but Estelle wanted to delve deeper into the lifestyle. She decided it was as good a time as any to bring up the subject.

“I’ve been thinking. I want to take my interest in BDSM up a notch. How do we go about doing that?”

Iona quirked an eyebrow in surprise while she finished chewing the bite in her mouth. “Okay,” she said slowly, “what did you have in mind, as taking it up a notch?”

“Well, I really enjoy you topping me. Can we try an informal sub/Domme relationship? Is that even possible?”

“You want me to dominate you?” Iona asked, genuinely surprised.

“You seem taken aback?” Estelle felt uncertain now.

Iona was thoughtful for a moment. “I—” She started to say something then closed her mouth.

“You seem hesitant. Nevermind, forget I mentioned it,” Estelle said.

“No, I’m just thinking. I don’t want to label you but—”

“But what?”

“Ya know what, if you want to take things to that level, I’m totally game,” Iona asserted.

“Are you sure?” Estelle asked again, wondering why Iona had hesitated at all. Sometimes her friend has this tendency not to speak her mind, which drove Estelle bonkers because she was forthcoming about her thoughts. “Why did you seem hesitant just now?” Estelle pressed.

Iona bit into her pizza, and chewed slowly, presumably affording herself time to think. “Well, to be honest, I don’t want to say anything that will sway your point of view in the lifestyle. I was just surprised that you feel inclined to be a sub.”

Estelle was quiet for a moment, then asked, “Why does it surprise you?”

“I’d rather not say. Like I said. I don’t want to taint your self-discovery by throwing in my two-cents. It’s better if you figure things out on your own. I’m not trying to be a bitch – just trying to respect your proclivities, wherever the wind may take you. If that makes sense?”

“Okay,” Estelle said slowly.

“Do you have any inclination as to how far you’d like to take the sub/Domme dynamic?”

Estelle had been considering this. It was one of the thoughts that kept crossing her mind on the long drive home from Monterey. She was so tired of suppression and hiding, living a life devoid of experimentation and passion. She wanted to try this, and she trusted Iona implicitly.

“I do,” Estelle answered. “I’d like to do a full-on power exchange. I want to give it a try.” Estelle’s eyes burned with intensity.

Again, Iona’s eyebrows rose in surprise but remained pensive for a beat. “Alright, that’s fine. I’m game. I’m a bit out of practice, but – riding a bike – as they say,” she cracked a crooked smile. “For tonight, we’ll keep things as they’ve been for the most part. I’ll need you to give me some time to dust off my old contract questionnaires. We’ll need to have a few sessions of just talking and negotiating. Is that acceptable?”

“More than reasonable.”


They finished up and made their way to the bedroom. Iona must have been pent up as well. She nearly ripped Estelle’s blouse off, trying to undo the buttons.

They furiously stripped down completely. Iona playfully pushed Estelle onto the bed and nudged her body, forcing her to flip over. She extracted the short flog from her trunk and the strap-on.

Estelle could hear Iona putting it on and peeked over her shoulder.

“I didn’t tell you, you could turn around. Eyes forward.” Iona barked sharply.

Estelle didn’t hesitate to obey, but she felt taken aback by Iona’s tone. She’d never been this commanding before. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that. Was this how it would be if Iona dominated her to the full extent?

She didn’t have much time to think about it, as she felt the wetness of the lubed dildo slide between her thighs. Iona teased it between her opening and Estelle’s brain shutdown. She moaned with mounting sexual frustration. She thrust her hips back into it, and Iona pulled back.

“Eager, tonight, aren’t you? I think I’m going to toy with you. Would you like that?” Iona taunted.

Estelle bit the comforter. She wanted to scream ‘no, fuck me now!’ However, she sensed that Iona was testing her, and she wanted to pass. “Yes,” Estelle mumbled into the blanket mournfully.

Iona did toy with her. She slid the dildo inside with precision, then thrust deeply, only to slide it back out just as achingly slow. Iona did this several times then ran her nails down the length of Estelle’s back.

Estelle cried out, “Oh, god!”

In one swift movement, Iona thrust the dildo in and cracked the flog against her back.

“Oh, fucking hell,” Estelle whimpered.

“Do you like that? Do you like being my little bitch?”

Whoa, Estelle paused. She was no one’s bitch. Is this what being her sub would mean – being degraded? The statement, even if in role-play, didn’t sit well with her.

However, she also didn’t want Iona to stop pleasuring her. She mumbled, “Yes…”

Iona continued to crack the flog and thrust the dildo in time. Estelle felt herself getting wetter by the second. The combination of pain-inducing pleasure was so intoxicating, she wasn’t going to last long.

Iona thrust one last time, and the warmth in her core exploded in waves of ecstatic pleasure. She bucked hard against Iona’s hips to will the orgasm to its greatest possible length.

When Estelle’s orgasm ebbed, she rolled over and grabbed Iona by the hips. She released the dildo and brought her to sit on the bed. She dove between her thighs and licked Iona’s soft folds until she was fulfilled.

They showered, and Iona asked if Estelle wanted to sleepover. She responded with a one-word reply, ‘Yes.’

Estelle was quiet, and Iona asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just tired.”

Although it was partially a lie, she felt a shift in Iona tonight as they had sex. It was different. Iona was… more… what? She couldn’t quite place it.

In their previous Scenes, Iona had been confident and commanding. It wasn’t just the statements that put her off. It was Iona’s energy. It was more than just confidence. She was demanding? Bitchy? She couldn’t place it. She wasn’t sure she liked this side of Iona, and yet, she had asked to be dominated? Was Iona’s dominant side equal to ‘ultra-bitch?’

Estelle was absolutely exhausted and too tired to give it much thought. She continued to rinse off, got out, and slipped on a baggy t-shirt Iona had given her.

She knew she’d have to figure out her discord. For now, she let herself slip into the afterglow-induced-sleep from her fantastic orgasmic release.


The next morning, Iona’s alarm woke them up simultaneously. Estelle sat quietly, sipping her coffee, and nibbling at a microwaved pastry. She was pensive.

“Hey, you all good?” Iona touched her shoulder lightly as she stood up to put her plate in the sink.

“Oh, sorry. I guess I’m just worn out from the long weekend.”

Iona scrutinized her with a long searching expression. She sat back down at the table. “Look, I don’t doubt that you are tired, but I feel like your demeanor shifted a bit at some point. I think we should talk soon – maybe after work tonight? Are you game to come back over?”

Estelle didn’t know what to say – because she wasn’t quite sure what was eating at her. She just nodded ‘yes.’

She was far from being a prude, so why should a little dirty talk set her off so bad? No, it felt like more, but she wasn’t sure what.

Iona gave her a long look then stood up. She put a reassuring hand on her friend’s shoulder again. “I take forever to get ready for work. Did you want to borrow some clothes, or are you going to head home?”

“I think I’ll just take off. I don’t want to impose any more than I have.”

“You aren’t imposing. I invited you – hence you aren’t imposing.”

Estelle smiled and lightly shook her head. “Thanks for everything.” She pecked Iona on the cheek and slipped out the door.

As she drove back to her apartment, she felt like the answer to her discord should be easy enough pinpoint, and yet it seemed to elude her all the same.

Dear Reader subs, I apologize that I need to take a bit of a sabbatical from Fiction Friday for awhile due to some health issues.

I am working on finishing the story, and I will return with Chapter 14 of Sizzling Summer and the regular newsletter very soon.

Thank you so much for your patience.

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  1. I v ery much like your use of words.Especially what you include and what you don’t.. The hot scenes really benifit by discretion.

    1. I apologize Odaly. No, it’s not. I needed to take a short sabbatical from Fiction Friday due to some health issues. I’ll be back soon! Promise. Thanks for reading! Mistress Black Rose

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