A Sizzling Summer by The Bay - Part Ten

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A Sizzling Summer by The Bay - Part Ten

June 2016 – San Francisco, California


Estelle was a bundle of nerves after work on Tuesday. She was excited beyond words for her Scene with Iona.

She’d taken an Uber to work, and rode back to Iona’s place with her. When they got there, they chatted briefly over dinner.

Estelle noticed that the trunk she’d extracted the bullwhip from a few days ago was sitting on the floor next to the coffee table.

Estelle squirmed with impatience, yet made an effort to control it. She wasn’t sure why she was so embarrassed about her enthusiasm. Perhaps the negative experience she’d had with Dayton made her feel abashed? She felt inclined to suppress her eagerness, though.

After they finished dinner, Iona laid out a velvet cloth that looked like a short table runner. Then she began to extricate implements one by one from the trunk. She laid them out carefully, almost reverently side by side on the cloth.

“So, obviously, we’ll be doing Scene in here,” Iona said. “With how much you said you enjoyed getting spanked by Dayton, I thought impact play would be a good place to start.”

“Okay,” Estelle said.

Iona lifted a long wooden paddle with a light cherrywood stain and handed it to Estelle. It was about eighteen inches long and three inches wide. At the tip of the wooden paddle was inscribed a five-pointed floral star centered in a filigree circle – obviously a logo of some sort – with the technique of precision wood burning. Running down the length, in elegant scroll-like font, there was an inscription: ‘Mistress Nadia-Jade.’

“Is this your Mistress name?” Estelle asked, turning the paddle over and feeling awed, not only by the beautiful instrument in her hands but by this whole experience.

“It is. I had to earn that paddle. It’s one of my ‘honors’ when I graduated my program to become a Mistress.”

Estelle’s eyebrows rose in surprise. “There are schools for this?”

“Underground and obviously unaccredited, but yes. Although, the one I graduated from is very prestigious and highly protocol-oriented.”

“Huh, I would have never guessed. This just gets more and more fascinating!” Estelle said. “I have so many questions.”

“I’m sure you do,” Iona smirked. “However, if you ever want to get to do Scene tonight, we need to move on.”

“Yes, sorry. Should I call you Mistress?”

“For tonight, it’s not necessary because I’m not your Mistress. Just topping you. We’ll see how things go and where the wind takes us. But right now, focus on the present.”

There was a command in Iona’s tone that Estelle had never heard before. It surprised her and flooded her core with a rush of arousal.

“And this is a flogger. We’ll stick to various floggers, paddles, and my crop for tonight.”

Estelle took the leather flogger and handled it. The leather tassels were soft and supple. “Will you flog my back or—”

“Just your back to start. If you want to explore other places, later on, we can. There are some spots on the body that should never be flogged. It’s dangerous.”

“Such as?”

“The core of the body. Specifically, the kidney and stomach area. No-go. No matter how great your pain threshold or limits. And anyone who wants to practice BDSM safely should never try to strike those areas in impact play.”

“Well, that makes sense. Are you going to use the bullwhip?” Estelle couldn’t lie that she was intensely curious about Iona using it on her.

“No, it’s pretty intense. Not a great implement for a first-timer. Going to stick with more gentle impact implements to ease you into your first time. Virgin canvas and all.” Iona smirked.

Estelle had to grin as well. “Well, I trust your judgment.”

They went over each toy Iona would use, and the safewords again. Then Iona stood up. She faced Estelle, looked down at her, and said, “Are you ready?”

Estelle nodded.

“Strip down completely. Then go stand up against the wall over there.”

Estelle stood up and flashed a wicked grin at Iona. “Yes, Ma’am. Are you sure you don’t want me to call you Mistress?”

Iona didn’t reply. Just flashed a sly smile.

Estelle undressed quickly then stood in front of the bare wall. She heard Iona pad up behind her. Iona pressed herself against Estelle’s back, and she let out a gasp of surprise. Warmth pooled between her thighs.

Iona took each of Estelle’s wrists and lifted them above her head. Then moved down to her legs and forced them apart. She positioned Estelle in a spread-eagle stance against the wall, then pressed her chest into the bare skin of Estelle’s back. Estelle moaned, realizing Iona had taken off her shirt and was only wearing her bra.

Iona whispered in her ear, “If I had my Saint Andrew’s Cross, I could strap you in, but since I don’t, we’ll just have to make do.”

Estelle nodded and bit her lip. She was already so turned on, and Iona hadn’t even begun.

Iona pulled back and ran her fingernails along Estelle’s back. Estelle let out a small cry of pleasure and arched her back at the sensation.

“I’ll require you to keep your arms above your head as if you were strapped on to the cross. Understood?”

“Yes,” Estelle breathed out.



Iona cracked the flog against her skin, and Estelle moaned. She began with a slow and even rhythm, asking in intervals how Estelle felt. With the first few strikes, Estelle called out ‘green,’ and Iona increased the impact pressure until Estelle reached her comfort level.

Iona lashed the flog against her back, again and again. With each strike, Estelle felt herself getting wetter and wetter. She twisted and writhed in between each lash feeling the arousal quicken, and her pulse race.

“I’m going to spank you now. Would you like that?” Iona asked.

“Yes, please.”

“Alright, I’m going to have you use the back of the couch as a bench to lean over.”

Estelle went to the couch and bent her upper body against the top backrest, forcing her ass out. She shivered with anticipation waiting for Iona.

“I’m going to start with the paddle.”


Estelle waited, yet Iona didn’t strike her immediately. She dared to take a peek over her shoulder. Iona was simply standing there, but at seeing Estelle look back, barked out a command, “Eyes forward.”

Estelle smiled and quickly looked forward to the blank TV screen. She could see a cloudy reflection of Iona. Iona continued just to wait. Estelle couldn’t understand what Iona was doing.

After what seemed like a long time, Iona moved closer to Estelle. She stood perpendicular to her, rested her left hand on Estelle’s bottom, then ‘smack!’

Estelle cried out softly and felt a rush of warmth pool between her thighs. It hurt a lot more than when Dayton had “spanked” her. She found herself both surprised at her arousal, and yet unsurprised.

“Green, red?” Iona asked.

“Oh, sorry, that felt good,” Estelle said breathily. “Maybe slightly yellow, though? Not too much lighter.”

“So, you liked that?” Iona smirked.

“Oh, God, yes.”

Iona moved to the other side of her bottom. She smoothed it over with her hand then ‘crack – crack – crack!’ Iona smacked her bottom smartly three times.

Estelle mewled with delight. She had enjoyed the flogging, but she was shocked that she loved the spanking so much.

Iona smacked the paddle against her ass again, and again. Estelle felt herself heat with warmth, more and more each time.

After about ten spanks with the paddle, Iona stopped. “How are you feeling?”

Estelle was breathing heavily with arousal. “Good, really good,” she said. “It hurts but feels so good too.”

Iona chuckled. “Would you like to try another toy?”

“I’m game for experimenting.”

Iona picked up the small rubber paddle with little nubs on it. “This would be a little more intense. You want to try it,” she said as she showed it to Estelle.


Iona again waited, and Estelle guessed why Iona was taking such long pauses. The anticipation of not knowing when the strike would occur caused Estelle’s body to alternate between tension and relaxing. Iona must have been watching her body, because when she relaxed, Iona thumped her bottom with the rubber spanker.

“Ow!” Estelle chirped. “Oooh, that one hurts.”

“Too much?” Iona asked.

“No, I think it’s good. Just maybe rest in between more than the wooden paddle.”

“Okay. Is the pressure good?”

Estelle nodded.

“No, I need to hear you say ‘yes’ or ‘no,’” Iona commanded.

“Sorry, Mistress, Yes.”

“Oh, it’s going to be Mistress, is it?” Iona’s taunted with cocky playfulness.

“I have – no problem – calling you Mistress,” Estelle panted out.

“Very well,” Iona said. Then thumped her bottom with the spanker again.

“Ahh,” Estelle shifted the weight of her legs back and forth to stay the wetness that was beginning to drip down her thigh.

Iona must have noticed this and ran her finger up Estelle’s inner leg, up her thigh, and then softly teased at the opening of her lips.

Estelle arched and groaned with the blissful sexual tension that was becoming near unbearable. Estelle made a motion to stand up and kiss Iona, but Iona gently pushed her back down.

“Oh, no, we aren’t done yet. I’m going to finish you off with the crop. It stings like hell. You think you’re up for it?”

Estelle writhed with sexual frustration, and managed to whisper, “Yes, I am.”


Estelle could hear in Iona’s tone how much she was enjoying tormenting her.

Again, a long pause then ‘smack!’

Estelle sucked in her breath at the pain. “That one stings!”

“It does. That’s why I saved it for last. Too much?”

“No, it’s good. Really good.” Estelle drew out the word with a satisfied breath.

“Alright, ‘red’ if you need to stop.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Smack! Smack! Smack! Then a pause. Then, smack! Smack! Smack!

“Oh – my – God.” Estelle breathed out.

Then all of a sudden, the strikes stopped. Estelle’s barely noticed her legs were trembling. She heard Iona say, “We’re done.”

“I can keep going. It feels so good. I don’t want to stop.”

“I know you don’t want to stop, but you’re done when I say you’re done. Your legs are about to give out. You’re in sub-space and riding a massive endorphin high, but your body is sending signals that it has had enough. Sit on the couch,” Iona commanded.

Estelle did as she was told, and Iona went to get her a glass of water. Estelle didn’t want water. She wanted to keep going, or fuck, or…. Wow, she felt as if she were floating! She felt so relaxed and yet so aroused.

Iona handed the glass of water to Estelle and stood over her. “Drink all of it.”

Estelle’s face was pleading, and Iona’s face split into a knowing grin. She made sure Estelle drank every drop then Iona fell to her knees. She positioned herself between Estelle’s thighs. Then casting one last impish glance at Estelle, she plunged her face and tongue between Estelle’s thighs, penetrating her dripping and glistening folds.

Iona parted her lips with her tongue and ran the tip up and down the chasm of Estelle’s opening. Estelle cried out and leaned back, affording Iona better access. She rocked her hips up and up, into Iona’s willing mouth.

Iona’s lithe tongue moved in rhythm with Estelle’s bucking hips.

“Oh, god!” Estelle cried out as she felt herself rushing into orgasmic bliss.

Iona wrapped her hands around Estelle’s thighs, pulling her in with firm forcefulness, sadistically prolonging her pleasure. Estelle bucked hard, but Iona didn’t let her wriggle away.

Her orgasm seemed to go on forever, and when it finally ebbed, she sank back into the couch, breathing heavily. It had been so intense! She was rendered speechless for a long moment

“Oh – god…” was all she could mumble. “I – I – have no words to explain – how amazing…” her voice trailed off.

Iona stood up, wiped her mouth with a towel, and said with smug satisfaction, “Well, someone really enjoyed that.”

“Yeah, understatement of the year. I just need a moment. I want to recipro—”

“Take your time. That was intensely gratifying for me. I don’t even need an orgasm if you aren’t up for it. I so get off on the high of Dom-space, and it’s been a long time. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible that was for me.”

Estelle’s senses were starting to return as she processed Iona’s statement.

“Really? I don’t know why I feel surprised by that, but I do. You feel completely satiated by doing what you just did? You don’t need to be pleasured?”

Iona’s face had a cocky expression. “Girl, you did just pleasure me.”

Estelle didn’t blush, but suddenly she felt her face flush with heat. She couldn’t speak for a moment. She stood up and mumbled, “I’m just going to go to the bathroom.”

“Take your time,” Iona asserted.

When she came back out, Iona was sitting casually on the couch, drinking a glass of water. “Come here, let me take a look at your butt and back.”

The commanding, confident tone was still in place, and Estelle quietly submitted to Iona’s demand. She stood in front of her with her back facing Iona so she could check her backside.

“You’re going to have a nice bloom on your bum.” Iona laughed. “Not bad at all for a first-timer.”

“Bloom?” Estelle craned her neck back to ask Iona.

“It’s what we call it when the bruising creates nice red and purple patterns. Personally, when a sub or bottom enjoys being spanked that much, the bruises are like a badge of honor.”

Estelle turned and knelt down. “Would it be alright if I reciprocate pleasuring the Mistress?”

Iona’s grin widened. “I won’t complain.”

Iona stood up and led Estelle by the hand into the bedroom.

“I think I’ll be spending the night,” Estelle said.

“Why do you think I told you to pack an overnight bag.”

Estelle undressed Iona’s remaining clothing with a sense of urgency. She hadn’t felt this alive and sexually charged in her entire life, and it only increased her arousal for Iona.

They slipped between the covers of Iona’s bed, staying up far longer than they should have.

So worth it, Estelle thought, even in her sleep-deprived state, as they drove into work together the next morning.

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  1. Any Dom or Domme readers out there? Or switches? Just curious… How did you find out you were a submissive, switch, or Dom/Domme?

    Thanks for reading!

    Mistress Black Rose

  2. Hi! I’m loving the story. Actually, all of your writing, which I discovered quite recently. I love the educational aspect of it too, how you try to give your readers some more knowledge throughout the story.

    As for the question, I’m a switch. More on the submissive side though. I only top occasionally, when the mood strikes. I found out gradually, just through experimentation and observation.

    1. Thanatos!

      Welcome! Welcome! Thank you so much for that feedback. I truly appreciate it. It gives me a good barometer to determine what my readers are enjoying and what they aren’t so thank you again, so very much. I haven’t met many switches. I don’t really consider myself one. More of a Dominant who occasionally will allow myself to be a service bottomed. 🙂 So glad you are here a part of the community. If you ever want to connect don’t hesitate to email.

      Mistress Black Rose

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