Susan’s Story – Part Three

“My name is Renata. What’s yours?” Renata offered her hand to Susan.




Susan took the woman’s hand and noticed her grip was firm, but not overbearing. Her hands were soft, and her nails were beautifully manicured, matching the shade of her dress and heels. Now that the woman was seated right in front of Susan, it was hard not to notice her ample bosom, framed seductively by the low-cut neckline of the dress. Susan realized she had probably stared at the woman’s chest a beat longer than she should.


Renata laughed, not missing the subtle lingering of Susan’s eyes. She flashed a sly smiled, then turned to her drink and sipped.


The tension of sitting next to each other was palpable. Susan debated getting up and leaving. Her mind had been firmly determined to remain alone this evening. Yet there was something charged about this woman. It kept her planted on her stool.


After Susan finished her second Bloody Mary, Renata gave the empty glass a sidelong glance. “Can I buy you another?”


Susan wavered. Her mind said no, but she was surprised to hear herself saying, “Sure, thanks.”


Maybe the bartender is pouring heavy? My cocktail seems to be hitting me faster than I thought it would…


“Same thing or something new?”


“Same, please. Thanks again.”


Renata waved the bartender over and ordered her another.


This woman oozes sexual vibes. Maybe she is gay. Or at the least bi? Susan mused. No, I don’t want to go there. Stop it, Susan.


“So what brings you here tonight, Susan?” Renata asked.


“Nothing in particular. Just looking to get away from it all for a night.”


Renata nodded her head slowly as if she understood perfectly.


“So, you came to Las Vegas but stayed in one of the nicest hotels forty minutes from The Strip? Interesting… Where are you from?”


“I think you misunderstood. I live in the valley but on the other side of The Strip. I just wanted to get away from my usual haunts.”


“Ah, I see.” Renata smiled seductively and sipped her whiskey on the rocks.


Susan knew she really shouldn’t drink the third cocktail. Yet, it would seem she was harboring a ‘devil-may-care’ attitude tonight, and this devilishly gorgeous woman in Prada sitting next to her was causing her icy walls to melt.


“What do you do for a living?” Renata asked.


Susan paused for a beat. She hated telling strangers right out the gate she was an officer. Sometimes people wanted to take advantage of it, and others found it intimidating, and their demeanor would shift entirely into ‘weirdness.’


Susan lied, “I do clerical work for the government.”


“Sounds exhilarating,” Renata teased with a deadpan tone.


“Absolutely,” Susan raised her glass. Renata raised hers, and they clinked them together.


It wasn’t a complete lie. Lately, the assholes at the precinct had been dumping their reports in droves on Susan’s desk. “All rookies gotta pay their dues,” they “joked.” She was far from being a rookie, but whatever. She kept a stone-faced demeanor, and never let them know she was hot under the collar.


“What do you do?” Susan asked Renata.


“Oh, I’m a professional people-pleaser. And – punisher if the situation warrants it.”


Susan’s eyes went wide, thinking ‘prostitute,’ but Renata held her gaze. Her eyes were daring Susan to ask more or let it be.


Susan laughed lightly. Even with the buzz, Susan was not slow on the uptake of their exchange. “Touché’,” she said at last.


Renata pursed her lips in a mischievous expression, suppressing a smile.


Four drinks in and the room’s floor had bottomed out to a spinning carnival ride for Susan. Renata advanced to a sly hand on Susan’s thigh, a light touch to Susan’s shoulder sending calculated shivers across her skin. Renata leaned in and whispered the punch line of “jokes.” Susan’s breath hitched at the enticing fragrance of Renata’s perfume, the sexy exotic lilt of her voice, soft against her neck.


Before Susan could think rationally, Renata had pulled Susan off the barstool, and they were walking arm and arm up to Renata’s hotel room. It was a suite on the top floor. Nothing extremely fancy. It was a business hotel, after all. But there was a sitting room with a TV, kitchenette, and a separate bedroom.


Susan had only a moment to take it all in because Renata pulled Susan into the room, slammed the door shut, and pushed her up against the wall.


The exotic beauty was both sensually suave and eager all in one stroke. She pinned Susan’s hands above her head and trailed kisses down her neck. Susan’s skin tingled, and she moaned. She realized Renata was nearly six feet to her five-and-a-half-foot stature. As Susan ran her hands up and down the arms of the woman’s flawless caramel-colored skin, the slight curves and ripples of her toned arms, increased Susan’s arousal. For a woman possibly ten years her senior, she was sexy as hell.


Renata unbuttoned Susan’s blouse and caressed the exposed ridge of Susan’s mounds. A ripple of pleasure coursed through her. She removed the shirt and began to undo her pants. She wore only her lace underthings now, and Renata stepped back for a beat, and— was she admiring her? Yes… Renata’s eyes panned up and down the length of Susan’s body the way an artist might assess and appreciate her model before a sitting.


Susan abhorred how people, especially in Vegas, treated the human body as if it were meat on display, ready to be fired up and consumed for the right price. But, something about the way this woman was objectifying her… There was a genuine appraisal that shone in her eyes. Susan felt both embarrassed and – proud?


There was no time to think about it further. Renata had closed the distance between them. She cupped Susan’s face and kissed her again, moving her tongue over her lips and into her mouth with a sly smoothness, that even her lover of eight years had never accomplished. Renata slid her hands along Susan’s stomach and teased at the top of her panties. The moisture pooling between Susan’s thighs increased.


Renata, not breaking contact, continued kissing, and like a skilled dancer moving their partner across the floor, guided Susan to the bedroom.


Susan attempted to mirror Renata’s slow sensuality, but by comparison, fumbled and shook, feeling as though she were a teenager undressing her date after the prom. Through the haze of the alcohol, and her mounting desire, she was overcome with desire and lust. She had little control, and it took every sliver to hold back in ripping this woman’s clothing off.


Renata smiled seductively. Her expression was smug and knowing. She seemed to have all the sexual patience of a goddess, in the company of a lowly worshipper. She wanted Susan’s devotions and attention, and she would wait patiently, allowing Susan her misgivings. Susan’s piety at the altar of Renata’s sexual glory would be an eagerly anticipated offering.


Susan’s hands fumbled at the delicate zipper on Renata’s dress. She finally unzipped it and let it fall. Susan sucked in her breath.


Goddess, she was.


Susan reminded herself to breathe and control the urge to throw the woman on the bed and ravage her.


Renata laughed lightly and took Susan firmly by the shoulders. She eased Susan back on the bed and straddled Susan’s hips just below her stomach. Renata’s wetness that glistened across Susan’s thighs made her pant more longingly with passion and desire.


Renata bent down, allowing Susan the perfect view of her breasts. Susan moved her hands along Renata’s back and unfastened the clasp. Her glorious breasts beckoned to be touched. Susan cupped each one and massaged them. Renata leaned forward, inviting Susan to place them in her mouth, beckoning her to pay her devotions to her Goddess of the night. Worship her, Susan did. She moved her tongue around the warm nub of Renata’s breasts. Renata’s groaned and arched her back in delight. Her hips began to grind against Susan’s. Susan’s hips instinctively moved in time with Renata’s.


Renata’s hands had playfully teased, flicking and squeezing Susan’s nipples. Susan mewled with want for Renata to reciprocate. Renata’s movements like an exotic cat on the hunt, prowled down the length of Susan’s body, kissing and taunting. She reached behind her back and in one swift motion, removed the clasp of Susan’s bra. Renata then slipped her finger into the side of Susan’s panties and inched them down past her hips.


“Oh God,” Susan breathed out. Being free of her undergarments felt like inhaling oxygen after holding her breath.


Renata hovered over Susan and again took a moment to admire Susan’s body.

“Beautiful,” Renata breathed.


Susan could bear the foreplay no longer. She took Renata’s hand and put one finger, her middle finger into her mouth, and sucked it. It was a message, spoken without words, that Renata understood. When Susan removed her finger, Renata placed it below, working it between her already wet folds. Susan gasped and let out a cry, as Renata pushed her finger slowly into Susan, working it back and forth in time with Susan’s rocking hips.


Renata let the weight of her body settle on top of Susan. Renata kissed her with an intensity of passion that she had never known. Renata’s tongue snaked around Susan’s with a sensuality that rivaled an aphrodisiac made by The Gods. Renata slowly removed her finger and waited. It was as if she were performing, and Susan was the only audience member. She would hold her in the throw of passion and control her every whim in that short time they were together.


Renata slowly inserted two fingers and began to move them against the soft spot of her pleasure. Susan let out a faint cry, and mumbled, “Oh God, Oh God…”


Renata coaxed her along, murmuring in her ear, “that’s it,” and “yes,” as she supplanted kisses on her neck, behind her ear, and then furiously overtaking her mouth again, all while she moved in perfect rhythm to the ever-increasing heat that flared through Susan’s core. Renata played the strings of her instrument like an expert violinist, coaxing sweet music from her.


Susan could feel the waves of her release mounting and inching towards climax. She screamed as the waves of orgasm took her. It burst through her like a star’s explosion, igniting her mind and body. She shuddered and writhed with a radiance that was all-consuming.


Susan lay on the bed, panting and heaving with emotions too raw and complicated to bring to conscious thought. Renata lay beside her wearing a wicked grin, as she allowed Susan a moment to regain her composure.


When it was Susan’s turn to reciprocate, she felt clumsy and self-conscious that she would even be able to please this Goddess of sex and pleasure. Renata seemed not to notice, and she screamed with all the authenticity of a woman, indeed in the throes of passion.


They made love, and fucked, and made love, and fucked, long into the night. Well after the effects of the alcohol had ceased to dim their senses, they pleasured each other, only making their encounter that much more heightened.


When Susan awoke in the morning, she was alone, but there was a note on the bedside table.


I had a lovely night with one of the most lovely ladies I’ve been with for a very long time. Thank you, Susan. Stay until check-out if you like.




It was Susan’s first one-night stand. Were they all this mind-blowing? She didn’t think so. In all the years she and Andrea had been together, it had never been like that.


Why hadn’t it been like that?


It left her with a bitter-sweet range of emotions.


She pulled herself up from the bed and made her way to the shower, her mind buzzing between two very conflicting thoughts.


The one thought; I hope I never see Renata again – a one night stand is so embarrassing. The other thought; That was the most amazing night of my life! I wish I could have just one more with that woman.

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful holiday, whatever that may be! Enjoy it and the time you spend with your loved ones as we say goodbye to 2019! Thank you for being here! I am amazed and overwhelmed at how fast this reader community is growing!

    Thank you so much!

    Ms. Black Rose

  2. Okay Susan, now comes the hard part. How do you get a woman liked that out of your head and body. All you have is a name.


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