Susan’s Story – Part Six

Renata sat on her couch, sipping at a warm, non-alcoholic mulled cider. It was quite good. The holidays would be here next month, and the libations and refreshments reflected the upcoming festivities, but her mind was far away from the party now.


What were the chances of seeing the woman she’d had a one-night stand with, only a few weeks prior? It was such a big city. She didn’t believe in fate, but perhaps in this situation, she could make an exception that some God or Goddess of fate had intervened? It was hard to believe in a coincidence that huge!


As the party wound down, and guests left, she began to clean up. Her Sister-Domme’s offered to stay and help, but she waved them off. She lied and told them she was tired – that she would clean up in the morning.


However, ‘tired’ was the last thing she felt. Her body buzzed with a barely contained excitement. Her amped-up energy made it so that she could barely put on the exhausted façade, and force them to leave.


At last, everyone had gone by one a.m.. She realized with impatience, she potentially had to wait two more hours to see if Susan would take her up on her offer.


She poured herself a glass of wine. Their fet events had a strict no-booze or weed policy to ensure consent was always pure and unadulterated without mind-altering substances affecting one’s choices. Now that the guests were gone, she needed something to take the edge off.


She doubted Susan would stop by, but what if? What if she actually did? Wouldn’t that be something? Wouldn’t it be defying the boundaries of mere coincidence?


Renata had loose spiritual beliefs and didn’t take much stock in such things, but when something this strange occurred, one had to sit up and take notice. It had to give you pause to wonder, in the very least how the universe worked.


She sipped at her Chardonnay and popped in a DVD of a close friend who worked in the adult industry. Her friend had just starred in another porn video and gave a copy to Renata. Renata had her friend’s entire collection. She looked forward to each video her friend produced.


Renata had no shame in watching porn. For that matter, she couldn’t see why people had such a stick up their asses about sex. Especially women who loved sex or wanted to be sexual. She and her porn star friend had suffered their fair share of being scrutinized, labeled as whores or harlots. Unfortunately, she didn’t see society ‘coming out of the closet’ about sex-acceptance anytime soon. It was – what it was.


She settled on the couch and watched the movie in the hopes of taking her mind off of the anticipation of whether Susan would show or not. She knew the video would get her turned on. She didn’t mind. Either Susan would not show, and she had her trusty B.O.B.’s (Battery Operated Boyfriend’s) who could get the job done, or Susan would show and maybe…


Renata picked up her phone and checked the time. It was just after 1:30 a.m. She was about to get up and refill her glass when a soft knock sounded at her door. Renata’s heart clenched with hope. It still seemed too early for Susan to show if she was going to. Sometimes guests came back because of a personal item left behind, but that was rare this late after the party ended.


Renata picked up the remote and switched off the television. She went to the door and opened it.


There she was.


The gorgeous ebony-skinned woman she’d had an earth-shattering one-night stand with, standing on her stoop. And she was still in her uniform. God, how sexy was that!


“Hey there,” Renata purred.


“Um, yeah, hey,” Susan cracked the barest hint of a sheepish smile.


“Would you like to come in, or are you back to cite me for more noise disruption to my neighbors?”


Susan bit her lip and tucked her chin down as she made her way inside, but Renata did not miss her face lighting up into a full smile. “I didn’t think about it. I should have changed first,” Susan said, looking down at herself with evident embarrassment.


“Oh, Gods, no! I’m so glad you didn’t. It’s amazingly sexy on you. Not everyone can pull off an officer’s uniform, but you do, and you do it well.” Renata locked eyes with Susan.


Susan opened her mouth to respond but then quickly looked down. She tilted her head up. “Thanks? I can’t tell if you are serious or mocking me,” Susan quirked an eyebrow at Renata.


“I’m quite serious, my dear. You look sexy as hell.”


Susan’s eyes went wide, and she looked away again, becoming intensely interested in Renata’s living room decor.


“Please sit down. Can I get you anything to drink?” Renata asked. “I have mulled cider leftover from the party. It’s quite good. Or wine—”


“It’s okay. I’m not in the mood to drink. I might have to drive—” Susan cut herself off. She seemed unsure of what to say.


“The mulled cider is non-alcoholic. Here let me get you a mug. It’s a cold night tonight, no?”


“It is cold out there tonight. And thank you. A warm drink sounds nice.”


Renata ladled out two mugs. She’d forgotten to pull the plug on the crock-pot, so the remaining cider was still warm and now extra spicy from brewing for so long. She placed some leftover tea biscuits on a plate and brought the shortbread and two mugs to her living room. She set them down on the coffee table and positioned herself on the opposite side of her ‘L-shaped’ couch. Susan had seated herself at the far end.


“If you’re hungry, I have more to eat. I can make you a sandwich or something more than the cookies,” Renata’s suggested. Her delicate hands picked up a tea biscuit and took a small bite.


“No, this is good,” Susan said. She took the hot mug in her hands and sipped it. She let out a nervous laugh. “I’m not sure what I’m even doing here. If I might be so bold to ask, why did you invite me to come back?”


Renata didn’t respond with words. Instead, she flashed her seductive wolfish grin and paused. It was the smile that caused both men and women to melt like putty. She studied Susan’s reaction as she supplied this calculated gesture. Yes, it had worked. Susan’s eye’s widened. She looked down and furiously fidgeted with her mug handle.


“If we’re being bold, I would have to say it’s because you made an impact on me. I was indeed surprised to see you at my doorstep this evening. I had hoped you would, in fact, accept my invite. It would seem that your acceptance is an unspoken signal, that I too, have made an impact on you.”


“I—” Susan began and then looked down. “I guess you— Um, the thing is—” Susan stuttered, trying to form a reply.


“—I guess I did make an impact on you,” Renata laughed lightly.


“I guess so,” Susan breathed out. “Honestly, I can’t believe I’m here. I just thought it was weird that I’d run into you.”


“I concur. Very strange indeed,” Renata said.


There was a silence that stretched between them. Renata felt the butterflies in her stomach going into overdrive, yet she knew how to make herself seem like the epitome of calm. She sat quietly, waiting for Susan to express what it was she wanted from showing back up tonight. Did she simply wish to have another one-night stand? Was she hoping to date? Why had Susan come back?


For that matter, what did Renata want? She had not had time to really consider this. She’d simply acted on impulse and invited Susan back. Did she merely want another one night stand, or something more? She couldn’t get over the coincidence of them meeting again. She had never believed lovers were fated to be together but maybe her and Susan…


“How did your party go?” Susan asked with forced casualness. Renata could see how nervous she was, and part of her was relishing the discomfort. It was adorable.


“It was fine. Nothing abnormal. We have a particularly rowdy participant who can’t control their volume. Unless I decide to move, I am afraid I will have many more noise complaints in the future.” Renata paused then said seductively, “But if you are the attending officer, I might encourage said participant to be vocal, if that’s what it takes to see you again.”


She’d thrown the bait and watched Susan’s face for her reaction.


“I don’t know that I can ensure it would always be me—” Susan stammered. “Um maybe loud parties wouldn’t be the only way you could get me to see you again,” She huffed out the words in a rush and gripped her mug tight.


Renata stood up and seated herself closer to Susan on the couch.


“I’d like that, Susan. Is that your real name?” Renata asked.


“It is. Is Renata yours?”




“I guess you know I kinda lied about saying I was a government paper-pusher. Although to be fair, I do my fair share of paperwork as an officer,” Susan chuckled. “Can I ask what a ‘professional-people-pleaser’ is? I honestly couldn’t figure out what that meant.”


Susan smiled softly, and Renata felt her chest clench. She had thought Susan gorgeous from the moment she saw her sitting on that bar stool.


“You may. I’m a professional dominatrix.”


“Oh, I didn’t even think of—” Susan tried. “So does that mean you get paid to have sex—”


“No!” Renata cut her off with a stern tone. “It is a common misconception that a dominatrix is just a twisted and perverted prostitute. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have clients, but I am not sexually involved with any of them. In fact, most of my clients are gay men.”


Susan breathed a visible sigh of relief. Then as she processed what Renata had just said, her eyes widened with surprise.


“I know what you were thinking,” Renata supplied. “That if you found out I was a prostitute, it would put you in a compromising situation as an officer of the law?”


Susan grimaced slightly. “I’m sorry. I know we live in Vegas, and underground prostitution runs rampant. I probably should be better educated about the various aspects of the adult industry, but I have to admit, I’m not well versed in what a dominatrix does.”


“Well, come, let me show you.”


Renata stood up. She smiled and took the mug from Susan’s hands and placed it on the coffee table. She took one of Susan’s soft hands and gently pulled her up, leading her into the master bedroom, which was her dungeon.


She walked into the room, leaving Susan in the door frame.


“Clients come to me to be a submissive, and for me to dominate them. They want to be told what to do. Sometimes they want to be punished. It’s hard to wrap one’s brain around it, I know. But it can be very therapeutic for some who have past traumas and issues. Above all, they want to relinquish total control of power to someone they can trust.”


“Oh, wow,” Susan said. “It sounds – complicated.”


Renata stared at her with a stern expression. She could see Susan squirm. Her face broke into a smile, and she laughed. “I guess one could say it’s complicated. If, they don’t know what they are doing. I do know what I’m doing. Would you like me to demonstrate?”


“Oh… Uh… I don’t know…”


Watching Susan’s nervousness break into being full-on flustered, was amusing – a turn on in fact.


She took Susan by the hand and led her into the room.


Renata smirked when she felt Susan’s body shiver at her touch.


This was going to be fun.

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3 thoughts on “Susan’s Story – Part Six”

  1. Are you anxious to see how Renata will ‘demonstrate’ her Domme skills to Susan? Part Seven is going to see some sizzle and spice! Stay tuned!

    Mistress Black Rose

  2. Introduction to this lifestyle plays a large role in how a person benefits from it. Sadly 20 plus years ago my introduction started off perfect but did not end that way. I am enjoying this story unfolding but have to admit that patience has never been a strong trait, but I will wait.

    • I completely agree with you. I’m so sorry to hear that your experiences in the community weren’t positive. It’s unfortunate it can happen… 🙁 I hope you are able to find others that are a more positive influence in the community. I’m thrilled you are enjoying the story! And I have to say, what kind of Mistress would I be if I don’t stretch out the gratification and torture you a bit! Hehehe…


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