Susan’s Story – Part Four

Mistress Lucia sighed. The fet party was going well except for Lisa. That girl was a fireball and produced the audible fireworks to prove it. She was a ‘brat’ to the hilt, which was fine, but she was going to get them reported for a noise complaint – again – if she didn’t keep her voice to a dull roar.


Mistress Lucia, who also went by Renata when she wasn’t a Mistress, supposed it was her own fault and not Lisa’s. She did live in a duplex, after all.


She’d lived here for several years and loved the place. After the ‘08’ crash she’d been able to purchase it with almost all cash, and very little credit. The property had been vacant and in severe disrepair, but had 1200 square feet, three bedrooms, and an open floor plan – kitchen, living room, dining room, and attached garage. Perfect for her single and unconventional lifestyle.


She’d only wished she could have anticipated that her old neighbors – who didn’t give two cents about her parties – would move out within the year, and new ones would move in. Old uptight and stuffy neighbors, who complained if she even dropped her loofah in the shower. They’d be sure to hear it and have something to say.


Oh, how she adored this place though; stuffy, uptight neighbors aside. She had lovingly renovated it. At first, she was dubious at the thought of taking on a fixer-upper, but she’d quickly fallen in love with the art and science of home improvement. She watched her house slowly morph and transform into a home. The slow metamorphosis was not unlike a brand new sub. She would watch the submissive transform through subtle changes throughout each session with her, and this imbued her with a sense of pride and satisfaction beyond words.


The neighborhood was older but afforded her abode more architectural character and charm, than the stucco track housing that popped up all over Vegas in the housing boom just after 2006, and continued to spread throughout the valley like a suburban virus of mediocrity, which she loathed.


Renata knew she already had enough to flip the property almost twice over, but it was the product of her own blood, sweat, and tears. It was hard to let something go when you had so much of your soul imbibed into it. Every time they had a fetish event though, she seriously reconsidered buying something more isolated and private. 


There was a core group of Mistress’s that Renata associated with from her Domme Sorority – The Sisterhood of Jade. All except Mistress Alecia-Jade were engaged in The Lifestyle on both a professional and personal level. Alecia-Jade had just retired from the professional side and was only involved in it on a personal level with her lover.


The four women took turns hosting fetish parties or more commonly called fet-events. Often a new or curious sub might feel more comfortable witnessing how it worked with others before engaging in their own Scene with their Dominatrix.


The events also provided a mixer for the four women, and other friends in the community to meet, compare notes, share ideas, and network. It was an underground lifestyle, after all. For example, Mistress Scarlett-Jade specialized in the art of being a ‘Mommy,’ so her ‘brat’ Lisa was beyond ornery and required lots of ‘discipline.’


Renata was a ‘Goddess’ whose art form focused on drawing out the emotions of her sub and engendering worship through sexuality and sensuality. Not all Dommes had specialties. Mistress Alecia-Jade and Ombra-Jade were more generalized Domme’s that provided many different services.


The fet-event never went over thirty people. Her bedroom, (the second largest room in the place,) and the smallest bedroom, (which served as her office,) were kept locked. Otherwise, the guests had their run of the place. The master bedroom had been turned into a dungeon. Not only because it was the biggest room, but further from the neighbors adjoining wall and had a bathroom which came in handy. She had hoped that distance would be enough, but the police had shown up last time regardless.


Renata heard Lisa screaming as if her body were actually on the medieval rack, and she was being torn limb from limb. Instead, Mistress Scarlett had her in the stocks and was spanking her ass to the point, a nice rosy bloom was emerging. Lisa was loving it. The increase in volume attested to that fact.


A general feeling of boredom and lifelessness had been plaguing her as of late. She remembered once reading about a word the French used to describe how she felt; ennui. There wasn’t an English word for it, but it was a sense of going through the motions in all aspects of life, feeling lackluster. She couldn’t pinpoint why she felt this way, or when it had started, just that she did. It was acute and troubling, like a hideous fat ally cat that camped out on your doorstep, wanted nothing more than food, and wouldn’t go away.


Because of this, Renata had dressed down from her normal Mistress Lucia-Jade attire tonight. Ironically, her ‘dressing-down’ was still beyond what most women would consider dressing up. She chose to wear a simple yet supple pair of leather pants, and an unadorned red satin corset.


She stood in the doorway of the dungeon and attempted to glare at Lisa with a warning gaze.  It did no good. Lisa was too far gone into her ‘brat’ space to hold back.


“Can we not gag her with a ball gag?” Renata deadpanned to Mistress Scarlett.


“I would, but it’s a hard limit for her. Nothing in the mouth.”


Renata sighed deeply again. She thought she had remembered that but wasn’t sure.


She either had to find a new place when it was her turn to host or sell. She wasn’t quite ready to sell. Hence why she had been at the Fairfax Business Suites a few weeks back – to scope it out and possibly give it a test run as an alternate party location.


She never did Scene in hotels with her clients, so picking that particular one had been random. She ran her business solely out of her home and brought clients to her personal dungeon. None of her clients thus far had a problem with ball-gags. Most preferred it, so noise was not an issue with clients.


Renata had not intended to have a one-night stand with Susan, but when she’d seen the beautiful brown-skinned woman sitting on the barstool, her libido had kicked into overdrive. She immediately wanted to flirt with this one. Renata was bisexual, but it had been forever since she’d been in a committed relationship with either a man or a woman. Her past two had ended in disaster. So, she kept herself aloof from romance and created a love affair solely with her house project and career.


After only a bit of interaction, Renata could sense that Susan wasn’t interested in dating, but Renata did have a room for the night… She thought what the hell. If the woman seemed willing, Renata was game as well.


Double bonus on the impromptu sex if she could test out the room for a soundcheck. She’d hoped the woman would be a screamer, and Susan had delivered. Boy, did she deliver! Renata hadn’t had a night of passion like that in ages.


She wasn’t sure why she felt so bored and listless about life, but that one night had gotten her blood pumping again – even if only for half a day. She wasn’t unhappy per-say, but she wasn’t exactly feeling vibrant either. She had speculated that perhaps it was her age. She was nearing the big five-O. After her encounter with Susan, she’d toyed with the idea of having more one-night stands, but casual sex didn’t seem the answer to her ennui woes either.


Her night with Susan had shaken her up and made her feel alive again, but if there was one thing she had a knack for, it was reading people. This woman had pain and no interest in a relationship of any kind. Susan, without a doubt, was more interested in sharing a single night of tangled limbs and passion, than pursuing something deeply emotional.


In the morning, when Renata left, she had felt so torn. On the one hand, she wanted to leave her number, but she was also not one to pursue someone who didn’t want to be pursued.


Renata thought she’d never see Susan again.


She’d just requested that Mistress Scarlett try and have Lisa keep it down when three firm knocks resounded at the front door. When Renata answered the knock, she was utterly shocked to see Susan as the attending officer.

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7 thoughts on “Susan’s Story – Part Four”

  1. I’m growing very fond of Mistress Lucia/Renata. What do you think of her so far?

    Thanks for reading! Hope your holidays were wonderful and naughty!

    Mistress Black Rose

    • That makes me so ecstatic to hear JulieAnn! Thank you so much! I am having such fun writing it. It’s great to know there are those who are enjoying reading it!
      Mistress Black Rose

  2. This is getting really good! Read the first 4 of course so I will move forward with rest 🙂
    The only thing I noticed in the text is below:
    Bought it nearly for cash two years after the ‘08’ crash.
    I think ( but I am not 100% sure, just sounds better to me) should be:
    Bought it for cash nearly two years after the ‘08’ crash.

    • Absolutely better! Thank you SO much for that suggestion Kat! I’m going to change it right now!

      Mistress Black Rose


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