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Lesbian Romance Novel

Quinn must learn to let go,

or everything she's worked for will unravel.

Surprisingly, she'll quickly realize,

the hand that warms her bottom, will also warm her heart!

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“… This is a story that is intense in its passions, full of pain and pleasure, with absolutely glorious BDSM scenes to enjoy. I lost myself in it, restricting myself to a few chapters each night so I could make it last…” –  Bending the Bookshelf – VINE VOICE



“… She wove the romance blossoming seamlessly into the lifestyle while giving the story a little intrigue. Even if you are vanilla, you can appreciate the knowledge that Mistress Black Rose imparts and the patience She shows in explaining what can make for a wonderful D/s relationship…  – Amazon Reviewer



“… this story is a love story, make no mistake. What it does is to carefully and gently reveal a subculture that most people have no understanding of, and within which most people would not be able to imagine as the setting for a love story…”  – Amazon Reviewer

An Excerpt From Double Entendre

Mistress Jade smiled, stood up, and commanded Quinn with one word. “Follow.” She led Quinn to the Playroom. Quinn had recently learned this is what it was called. Or sometimes, people referred to it as a Dungeon as well, but Jade seemed to prefer the term Playroom.


“Today, you will undress and wear only this.” Mistress Jade held up a single item of clothing on the tip of her crop – a skimpy pair of black satin panties.


“Yes, Mistress.” Quinn wanted to smile but kept her face stoic.


Quinn undressed and watched Jade watch her. Quinn was sure that even behind the mask, Jade’s eyes looked hungry. Quinn wondered if this was an act or if The Mistress was actually aroused by Quinn. If she was acting, she was certainly good at it.


“A good sub will keep their eyes down or forward. Eyes down as you dress, Quinn.”


“Yes, Mistress,” Quinn said and averted her eyes downward at Jade’s shoes. Quinn shimmied into the panties. “Where would you like me now, Mistress?”


“Go to the cross. Face it.”


Quinn did as she was told, and Jade strapped in her wrists and ankles. Her bare breasts pressed up against the coolness of the lacquered wood sent an uncontrollable ripple through her.


Jade went to her cabinet and pulled out an item. She stood close to Quinn.


“Today, I think we will try something a bit more intense. Would you like that, my pet?” Jade ran her manicured finger along the line of Quinn’s bare arm, extended down between her shoulder blades as she spoke.


Quinn sucked in a sharp breath. “Yes, Mistress.”


“This is a bullwhip. It will sting far more than the flog, and often it can take you to subspace very quickly because of the intensity of the pain it doles out. Given how high your tolerance for pain is, I suspect you might do very well with a bullwhip. Do you remember your safeword? I’m going to push you to the limit today, where you might very well want to use it, my pet.”


“Yes, Mistress.” Quinn said, but in her head, she was thinking – ‘It can’t possibly be that bad.’


Quinn could hear Jade walking behind her. Nothing happened for what seemed like a long moment, and then it hit — a sharp sting across Quinn’s back. The pain was like the bite of a viper, quick and deadly. It was very different than the flog. While the flog created pain like a sunburn, this was far more intense. Mistress Jade had not been exaggerating.


“Did you like that?” Jade asked with coy sarcasm.


“Yes, Mistress.”


Quinn did like it. It still surprised her that the greater the pain that was inflicted, the more relaxed she became. Even more surprising, her arousal increased.


Again, snap, and the terrible sensuous bite of the whip.


“Today, you will count for your Mistress.”


Count? Quinn thought. Okay… strange, but I will.




“That is three now. Say it out loud as I whip you.”






Quinn tensed and then relaxed. The sting was an intoxicating dichotomy of pleasurable pain.






Quinn’s breath hitched. She felt the moisture of arousal pooling between her thighs.






This was far more intense than the flog. Only five lashes and the pain was becoming unbearable. Quinn hung her head low and panted heavily, bracing for the next bite, but it didn’t come. Instead, Jade’s soft voice was in her ear.


“How are we doing, my pet?”


“I’m – fine – Mistress.” Quinn panted out.


Mistress Jade ran her soft, warm palms across the welts on Quinn’s back. Quinn closed her eyes and shivered. She could hear and feel Jade leaving her and crossing the room. When she returned, she was standing close to Quinn. She brought a glass of water to Quinn’s lips. “Drink some water,” Jade commanded.


Quinn sipped at the water and then said, “Thank you, Mistress.”


“Are you ready to continue?”


“Yes, Mistress.”


Jade pulled back and unleashed the bullwhip in three successive firm strikes – snap, snap, snap!


Quinn arched her back and groaned. The pain was so intense and yet so arousing. It felt so good.


“Are we forgetting something?” The Mistress’s voice was harsh.


“Sorry, Mistress. Six – Seven – Eight.”


“Good. Very good,” Jade purred.


Jade cracked the whip three more times.


Crack, crack, crack!


“Nine, ten, eleven.”


Quinn could hardly get the words out. Maybe she needed to stop. She felt lightheaded. Her back was on fire. The whip was so deliciously intense.


Crack, crack!


“Twelve… thirteen….”


Should I use my safeword? No, just make it to fifteen, even twenty. I can do this.






“I’m sorry, what happened to fourteen?” Mistress Jade mocked her.


“I mean, fourteen Mistress. Fourteen…”


“You are done,” Mistress Jade asserted.


“No, Mistress. I can do twenty. Please,” Quinn whined like a child.


Jade’s tinkling laughter rolled over Quinn, and she shivered, all her senses on high alert. Was she floating in subspace now? She felt so damn good.


“You are done when I say you are done. You will not do twenty today. Perhaps next time.” Her voice was firm but not unkind.


“Yes, Mistress.” Quinn could not hide the disappointment in her voice. She felt she should have been able to do at least one more. Only fourteen lashes.


“Do not be so sad, my little pet. You did well today. You should know, this is a tool I usually reserve for veteran subs.” Jade spoke as she unlatched the cuffs on Quinn’s wrists and ankles. “The bullwhip is very intense. I am surprised you made it past five or six. It almost always draws blood and inflicts great pain. I am impressed by your stamina. Your Mistress is very pleased with you.”


Quinn felt her entire body surge with joy and satisfaction. She practically collapsed when the cuffs were undone.


Mistress Jade wrapped her arm under Quinn. The warmth of Jade’s body and the throbbing from the welts caused a strange euphoric reaction. Yes, she supposed she was floating in subspace.


Jade assisted Quinn onto the bed. Then washed Quinn’s back tenderly with a clean washcloth, applied alcohol, and a cooling balm. When she was done, she commanded Quinn to roll over. Quinn rolled over.


“Are you turned on, my pet?”


“Yes, Mistress.” Quinn was breathless.


Jade smiled knowingly. She strode over to the cabinet where the cross was, and drug the chair to the foot of the bed. Then she went to the nightstand by the bed and removed two identical pink, glass dildos. She put one on the foot of the bed next to Quinn’s leg and kept the other one in her hand.


Delicately Jade seated herself in the chair. She leaned back, and lazily slipped the skirt off, giving Quinn a perfect view. She then slowly and deliberately spread her legs wide. Quinn had a perfect view of Jade’s smooth lips and slick red folds.


Quinn bit her lip and felt herself gush. Her panties were soaked. She groaned from the exquisite anguish Jade was inflicting.


Jade smiled.


In response, Quinn propped herself up on the pillows so she could take in every detail of Jade’s beautiful glistening cunt.


Jade then took the pink dildo and began to tease the end of her swollen folds. The noises of ecstasy pouring from Jade, surged like a tangible wave between the two of them. Quinn’s pain intensified, the pain of being forced to sit and watch, enduring the increasing arousal, without being able to touch Jade or herself. It was quite possibly more intense than the bullwhip.


Jade worked the glass rod in between her lips. She teased herself by moving it slightly in and out. She groaned and sighed with pleasure. She acted as if Quinn were not in the room, as if she were entirely alone, stimulating herself.


The psychological mind-game of tender affections one minute to cold indifference the next was maddening, yet so intoxicating. Quinn gripped at the comforter on the bed hard. She wanted to touch herself. Badly. She knew she couldn’t. Jade had made it perfectly clear she was not to do anything of the sort without permission first. The second she crossed that line, the session would end, and she would never get the release she craved. The torture was like pulling herself through a dry desert, just within reach of the well, forced to remain parched and agonizing.


Jade began to thrust the dildo further and further in. Her mewls of pleasure heightening with each thrust. She took her other hand and licked her fingers, then slid them back and forth over her clit. Her fingers and the dildo moved in a synchronized rhythm of sensuality.


Quinn was enthralled and ached with need. She listened and watched rapt with attention. She dug her fingers further into the comforter.


Jade hips were moving in erotic thrusts like a Latina dancer skilled in sensual choreography. Just as Jade came, she let out a cry of release, a beautiful sound. Quinn watched Jade’s body quiver, watched her beautiful red swollen folds throb. Quinn’s body trembled from the restraint she was still exerting.


As Jade’s movements ebbed, she looked up and smiled a wicked grin. “My goodness! Such restraint! You are possibly the most obedient sub I have ever had.”


If Quinn’s head wasn’t swimming in endorphins, she might have taken pleasure in the praise. She had reached a point where she could barely stand it. The pain was pushing past pleasurable.


Jade picked up the pink dildo by Quinn’s leg and handed it to Quinn. “You may now take your own pleasure, my pet.”


Quinn took the dildo and slid it across her folds. She was slick with sweat and frustration. She moved the glass in and out, and within moments she came. She bit her lip hard, drawing blood. Her release, the waves of spasm, were both agonizing and euphoric. It was a high like no other. She didn’t think it possible to out-do her previous session, but as she slipped into near unconsciousness, it was her only thought.


I didn’t think – it could get better…


I – didn’t – think it…  

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