Sizzling Summer by The Bay – Part 7

This one is NSFW dear Readers subs! Enjoy!
As soon as the door of Iona’s apartment was flung shut, all their long-standing pent-up sexual energy exploded in a fury of urgent kissing and tearing off each other’s clothes. They made their way to the sectioned off bedroom portion of Iona’s open floor plan apartment. “The bedroom” was separated by two scant rice paper screens. They moved in a sort of stumbling dance, laughing and kissing the whole way, topless by the time they reached the room.
Their kiss broke when Estelle tumbled onto the bed. Iona held up her finger in a ‘just a moment’ gesture as Estelle stretched out leisurely on top of the bed, trying to posture being more relaxed than she felt. Iona went to a small trunk in the corner of the room and extracted a few things. She came back to the bed with a bottle of lube, a strap-on harness, and a dildo.