Sizzling Summer by The Bay – Part 9

Iona had given Estelle a stack of four books. They had called it an early evening after having dinner at a quaint little Chinese food restaurant. They both knew Monday morning would approach all top early, and Estelle had told Iona she liked to into bed early.
While that had been true, she also felt excited to settle into bed and thumb through the books. She hastily went through her nighttime routine of brushing her teeth, setting out her work clothes for the following day, and stocking up her work satchel with amenities. She settled into bed with a cup of lavender honey tea, and picked up the first book from the stack.

Sizzling Summer by The Bay – Part 8

They’d had a whirlwind Saturday that rushed by in alternating sessions of sex and binging on old movies. They’d stayed up late into the night pleasuring each other, drifting off to sleep, then waking again to an insatiable hunger for sex, that neither could seem to fulfill.
Estelle realized in those quiet moments in between, when she was relaxing into the warm afterglow of her release, that she’d never known uninhibited sexual indulgence like this. Her emotions flitted with tiny thoughts of worry that her and Iona might develop feelings for each other. She didn’t want that, and yet – did she want to overthink this? She’d had two serious relationships that were so clogged with the propriety of constructs, she now felt she could stretch those dormant wings she hadn’t even known existed

Sizzling Summer by The Bay – Part 7

This one is NSFW dear Readers subs! Enjoy!
As soon as the door of Iona’s apartment was flung shut, all their long-standing pent-up sexual energy exploded in a fury of urgent kissing and tearing off each other’s clothes. They made their way to the sectioned off bedroom portion of Iona’s open floor plan apartment. “The bedroom” was separated by two scant rice paper screens. They moved in a sort of stumbling dance, laughing and kissing the whole way, topless by the time they reached the room.
Their kiss broke when Estelle tumbled onto the bed. Iona held up her finger in a ‘just a moment’ gesture as Estelle stretched out leisurely on top of the bed, trying to posture being more relaxed than she felt. Iona went to a small trunk in the corner of the room and extracted a few things. She came back to the bed with a bottle of lube, a strap-on harness, and a dildo.

Sizzling Summer by The Bay – Part 6

Estelle’s coworker Daniella slipped the little envelope onto her desk and waggled her eyebrows conspiratorially. She put a finger to her lips and made the ‘shhh’ noise as if this tiny pink envelope were a dirty little secret, then hurried back to her desk.
When Estelle opened the envelope, she understood why her friend was acting like a spy on a mission.
The invitation read in big, bold letters.

Sizzling Summer by The Bay – Part 5

Her eyes lazily panned the crowds. She was keeping an eye out for Iona, but also enjoying the lackadaisical ambiance of the park on this beautiful summer afternoon.
Just then, she saw Iona crest over the hill, making her way down the walking path.

Estelle waited for her to get a little closer. Iona was wearing a pair of denim capris and a soft baby blue peasant blouse that exposed her shoulders. She had on Grecian style lace-up sandals, and her hair was pulled up in a messy bun on top of her head, with loose tendrils of hair framing her face. Estelle felt herself flush with anticipation.

Maybe she was mistaken? Perhaps Iona did consider this a date.

Sizzling Summer by The Bay – Part 4

Estelle sighed and forced a wan smile. She’d heard this story so many times, but Dad loved to tell it. It was his favorite story, his fairy tale come true.

“The second your mom came to our table, I felt all the air go out of my lungs. There was something about her. I had a hard time closing the account with the client that night. I was so distracted by her. She was like an angel. I waited until closing and asked if I could take her out to dinner the next night. Then we started dating. I came up to visit you guys every other weekend. Boy, I racked up those frequent flyer miles.” He chuckled as if he’d just said something funny. “I was so nervous meeting you and your brother.” His gaze had a faraway look.

Sizzling Summer by The Bay – Part 3

“It really is a very pretty city as far as big cities go, ya know?” Estelle said offhandedly as Iona drove them back to her place. Estelle was taking in the sights of ‘The City by The Bay,’ as they drove.

“I agree.”

“Definitely more picturesque than LA.”

“Well, I think some would beg to differ,” Iona said wistfully.

“Yes, I should think a good chunk of the four mill that reside there. One would hope.”

Iona glanced over at Estelle and smiled. Estelle felt herself warm.

Sizzling Summer by The Bay – Part 2

In this chapter and more to come, you’ll get to delve deep into Estelle’s past.

If you haven’t read Double Entrende yet, you’ll want to read that first, as this story will have spoilers.

Sizzling Summer by The Bay – Part 1

Dear Reader subs, you requested more backstory from the Double Entendre cast, well, here it is!

If you haven’t read Double Entrende yet, you’ll want to, as this story will have spoilers.