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Sizzling Summer by The Bay – Part 10

Estelle squirmed with impatience, yet made an effort to control it. She wasn’t sure why she was so embarrassed about her enthusiasm. Perhaps the negative experience she’d had with Dayton made her feel abashed? She felt inclined to suppress her eagerness.
After they finished dinner, Iona laid out a velvet cloth that looked like a short table runner. Then she began to extricate implements one by one from the trunk. She laid them out carefully, almost reverently side by side on the cloth.
“So, obviously, we’ll be doing Scene in here,” Iona said. “With how much you said you enjoyed getting spanked by Dayton, I thought impact play would be a good place to start.”

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Sizzling Summer by The Bay – Part 9

Iona had given Estelle a stack of four books. They had called it an early evening after having dinner at a quaint little Chinese food restaurant. They both knew Monday morning would approach all top early, and Estelle had told Iona she liked to into bed early.
While that had been true, she also felt excited to settle into bed and thumb through the books. She hastily went through her nighttime routine of brushing her teeth, setting out her work clothes for the following day, and stocking up her work satchel with amenities. She settled into bed with a cup of lavender honey tea, and picked up the first book from the stack.

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Sizzling Summer by The Bay – Part 8

They’d had a whirlwind Saturday that rushed by in alternating sessions of sex and binging on old movies. They’d stayed up late into the night pleasuring each other, drifting off to sleep, then waking again to an insatiable hunger for sex, that neither could seem to fulfill.
Estelle realized in those quiet moments in between, when she was relaxing into the warm afterglow of her release, that she’d never known uninhibited sexual indulgence like this. Her emotions flitted with tiny thoughts of worry that her and Iona might develop feelings for each other. She didn’t want that, and yet – did she want to overthink this? She’d had two serious relationships that were so clogged with the propriety of constructs, she now felt she could stretch those dormant wings she hadn’t even known existed

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